Our future!
So our young people are our future! They are the ones that are to succeed us in all that we do. They are our doctors, our lawyers, our moms and our dads! So, the question is have you invested any time in “our future”? When was the last time that you said hello to “our future”?When was the last time that you shook hands with “our future”? Have you ever considered spending some time with “our future”?
We see “our future” dwindling away every time a young person dies. Our future fades each time a young person commits a vicious crime. Our future diminishes with every act of violence, with every use of an illegal substance, and with every thought of “making it” by the world’s standards.
So, what can we do to protect our future? What can we do to look out for those who will be responsible for picking up where we left off?
Rodney Lemon

Beginning Guidelines/Ideas

These are simple guidelines and ideas to live by that can always be added to, reviewed, reconstructed, and refined.

  • Simply believe in love.
  • Without the tarnished ideas that society has developed, everyone can feel comfortable and welcomed.
  • All minds differ. All souls are alike.
  • The unknowns and unwanted things of the world are the things that can show us who we truly are and what our purpose is. Understand them, and their meaning will surface.
  • Be comfortable in holding the hand that protects you, and know.
  • Allow you bodies, minds, and souls to use the tools that are presented to us.

This is a short list, but will grow as the community grows.

The Plan

The plan is to create a monumental COMMUNITY that involves the whole world. Everyone has a role; so, everyone is needed. We can do this in many ways and must always be open to new ways of sharing and connecting. To start:

  • This is a COMMUNITY of LOVE. Teach about love. Learn about love. Live by love.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Make connections with thoughts, feelings, and knowledge, and believe that these connections mean something. Find their meaning.
  • Share knowledge and love with people everyday.
  • Ask questions.
  • Realize that everyone works differently, and keep an open mind to everything.
  • Talk with someone everyday.
  • Start.

Once we start, these ideas will come together in a whole new way that can relate to everyone, but it is up to us to start. The community already exists and will grow exponentially when we all make the decision to START.

The Vision

The vision of the Live By Love movement is:

Teaching people how to love with an open mind is a lifestyle.

Love is the most powerful thing in the world, but not everyone knows what true love is, and society limits its power with its close-minded ideas. If we live everyday to teach people about the truest form of love and ask questions to open our minds and the minds of others, the world will set on fire with change. And after the fire stops burning, love will surround us instead of evil. We must start now.